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CAMS offers a wide range of opportunities for students at all levels. Details can be found on our student pages. To get involved in CAMS research or to apply for an ARC fellowship at any of the CAMS nodes, please contact us.

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The Centre for Antimatter-Matter Studies (CAMS) is a collaboration of Australian universities and research institutions performing research on positron and electron interactions with matter, from single atoms to biological molecules, surfaces and materials. The wide ranging research program brings together some of Australia's top scientists from a broad range of disciplines.

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CAMS 2012 Annual Report

The 2012 CAMS is now available. Download the report to see the latest research from the Centre.

Latest News

ANU welcomes back Simon Armitage
Thursday, 6th June

The CAMS ANU node has recently welcomed back Dr. Simon Armitage, of the University of North Texas (UNT). Simon is on an extended visit as a part of the long term collaboration between ANU and UNT on the positron reaction microscope project. Simon will be visiting for around 4 months and is in charge of the second round of experiments using the reaction microscope on the positron beamline. He is pictured here with the recently mounted apparatus.


Advisory Board Chair Tours SE Asia
Wednesday, 29th May

CAMS Advisory Board Chair, Dr Charles W. Clark, is currently on a study tour of South East Asia including Malaysia and Vietnam. Charles is pictured here, about to enjoy some of the culinary delights in Kuala Lumpur, with Professor Kuru Ratnavelu who is the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Development) at the University of Malaya (UM). Professor Ratnavelu will also soon be hosting visits from the present and past CAMS Research Directors, the latter of whom facilitated a Memorandum of Understanding between UM and the Australian National University that was recently signed by both institutions Vice Chancellors. We wish Charles every success on his trip.


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